UX agita from John Hancock Pensions

Or, how to tell whether your rollover check has been issued yet.

Step 1. Enter user name and password, then select “sign in”.


Step 2. Apparently “Warning” is the new “Your transaction has been completed.”

(Note: I called and asked the rep on the phone why I couldn’t get in. She explained that actually it was because I no longer worked for the company whose plan it was. If so, that’s a different “makes no sense” — the account was still mine, even though I’d separated from the company years ago.)


Smell ya later, John Hancock Funds website.


I messed up my ID number, and you won’t believe what happened next…

I transposed two numbers in my ID at the gym, and this was the result. (Sorry for the phone pic of a flatscreen.)

In addition to the very emphatic text, the button says “Wait,” but the whole dialog box disappears before you can click the “Wait” button. It’s a trap! It’s also a mystery, wrapped in an enigma, deadlifted 5×5.

Error message reading: You have entered an invalid member number. Invalid. Wait.

I messed up my ID# at the gym.