I’ve worked in enterprise software for the last decade and change, designing different facets of the customer and user experience. Most of my titles have contained the phrase “product manager” — but not all of them. I love to take an underperforming, undervalued piece of an organization, fully understand its potential, and help it thrive.  I love the novelty of agency work and freelancing, as well as the “go deep” opportunities of a long-term full-time commitment.

I have a Masters of Science in Information from the University of Michigan, and a BA from Washington University in St. Louis. After grad school, I moved back to New York City, my hometown, and have lived in Cleveland since 2009.

I worked as a librarian for the first few years of my career, and remain a librarian in approach: I believe in bringing information to the people who need it, and finding the right answer to a question. My professional roots are in User-Centered Design, not only because I met my husband on my first user research project, but also because I believe it results in the most usable products, which satisfy the most customers. I believe in learning from the users. I believe in balancing rigorous with done.

My superpower is finding other people the perfect shoes at the best possible price. Call it an avocation. When I’m not doing that, I’m lifting weights, taking my kids to the zoo, or competing at trivia (both through an online league and at local bars).